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Keeping Secrets // Marina, Jenny, & Amanda


Partly because they couldn’t, Jenny wanted to leap across the counter and throw her arms around Marina. She settled for biting her lip, glancing down at the counter, and then tilting her head back so her bright eyes were on those of her ex-lover’s. What were they now? Jenny wasn’t sure. It was still…in transition. 

At first Jenny didn’t realize what Marina was looking at, and she stared at her questioningly, but then she heard Amanda’s voice and her back straightened. Startled, Jenny looked over her shoulder and gave Amanda a little smile, although there was something nervous and uncertain behind it. Despite all that had happened between herself, Marina, and Tim, Jenny still struggled to hide her blatant emotions from showing on her face. It was something she would never be very good at. Her thoughts she could hide. It was her feelings that betrayed her every time. 

"Hello, Amanda," she finally managed. "I’ve been mainly…at home." It was the truth, but still hard to say. Jenny took a breath, then smiled and leaned up to kiss her girlfriend softly. The last thing she wanted to do was attract suspicion and not act at least a little lovingly. It wasn’t as though it would be fake. Jenny honestly cared for Amanda, very much, but…

Marina smiled at Amanda, as pleasant as she could force herself. “Hi Amanda, how are you?” Marina asked, absently wiping down the counter in front her. She tried to play it nonchalant while Amanda was greeting Jenny, but she found it hard not to look up to see Jenny’s expression. “Ah…yes, we switched over to something a little bolder,” Marina explained, trying to focus on the question at hand.

As Jenny reached up to kiss Amanda, Marina knocked a coffee cup to the floor. “Klutzy today,” Marina muttered, as she bent over to retrieve the cup. She could feel red hot anger rising up in her chest, but she told herself to be calm. Jenny wasn’t ready to tell her, and that made sense. Everything was still new. Before last night, their relationship had only been teetering on anything tangible. Marina believed she was going to be ok with Jenny “seeing” Amanda until she had figured out how to tell her the truth, but now she wasn’t so sure.

“Have you tried our new Chocolate Ganache, Amanda?” Marina asked, trying to turn Amanda’s attention on Jenny to anything else she could think of. “It’s wonderfully bitter.”

Amanda already knew from the face of one Jenny Schecter something was up, but hey, she lost her life back then and moved LA for a better one, why should she think of the bad things? There were times for that and well, she just had to be ready. Tilting her head down, she accepted the kiss, soft, pliant… moving, different. The kiss was fast done, and she straightened up and plastered a smile, as bright and radiant as she always had, there was no need to worry, she didn’t want to go down that road. “Thank you darling,” she said “I needed that.” - she noticed Marina and her… situation “Would you like some help Marina darling?” she asked tilting her head forward from the bar to take a look at the woman who was bent down - shoulders, squared, back straight - tense. 

When Marina looked up she replied -“I’m wonderful thank you,” she nodded “Busy at work, working still, students don’t discipline themselves in a day, or rather, students dont’ really discipline themselves at all anyway.” she shrugged letting her heels click the floor as she walked to the other side of Jenny to take a seat on one of the bar stools.

"Ah at home, so you wouldn’t mind one time I drop by yes? I do miss Shane terribly nowadays." she smiled again at Jenny, "I might want to go out with Shane and you sometime we are all friends anyway - oh and how’s your book coming along? I never got to read any part of it much" she teased "and I thought you would show me at least a little bit." 

Just then Marina opted to divert her attention, which Amanda didn’t mind any bit, they did just meet-up and well, conversation was something always fun to do. “I’m sorry Marina, I prefer my treats sweet right now, the espresso is bitter enough for a wake up, although…” she smiled and reached her hand out to Jenny’s face, twirling the hair and slowly letting the back of her hand caress the girl’s skin, she smiled, the love and care emanating from Amanda’s features. “Someone, as sweet as Jenny,” she looked at Jenny as if there was no Planet, no coffee, no Marina just them “I thank you very much for always waiting, you know somethings about my past, and I’m glad you understand me for my decision to take things slow.” she said again moving forward to be able to embrace Jenny for a moment and let go.

"What about you Marina, how has life been going these days? The Planet looks as good as ever, and maybe even better- getting new and more old customers around?"

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Keeping Secrets // Marina and Jenny



After Marina left, Jenny gave into the temptation to peek around her house. Part of her almost didn’t believe that things were over with Francesca, and she looked for evidence of her everywhere. She was careful, though. The last thing Jenny wanted to do was make Marina think she didn’t trust her. It wasn’t really that, she was just used to things not going well. It was as though she were always looking around the corner for possible trouble, anticipating it even when the possibility wasn’t even there. 

After a little while Jenny went home, took a shower, and changed into something else since she’d been wearing the same clothes for two days. She left the house and went to The Planet, like she promised, and was unable to keep herself from giving Marina a little smile as she walked through the door. She pressed her lips together, not wanting anyone to look and wonder why she was smiling like that. Jenny didn’t see any of her friends, but she also knew that word traveled fast and it didn’t matter who saw. Anyone could find out anything.

"Hi," she said to Marina almost shyly, pretending to be preoccupied by the menu even though she was really looking at her ex.

The Planet was alive with business, and Marina had been so preoccupied with taking care of customers and managing the staff that she hadn’t even realized how much time had passed. She was bustling behind the counter setting up the espresso machine, when she saw Jenny walk through the door. Marina could feel her face light up, and she had immediately downplay it, unsure of who could be watching her.

"Hello, Jenny," she said quietly. "What can I do for you?" Marina met her eyes and crinkled them a little, as a sign of affection. She wanted to reach over the counter and kiss her, but she knew that was not possible. At least not yet.

The door opened again, and Marina looked over to see who had come in. Her eyes grew wide and her face fell as she saw Amanda come through the door with a smile on her face. Here we go, she thought.

Amanda had another meeting at 2:30, it was her fourth meeting in a row and for the most part, she was too tired and ragged to think of anything else. Stumbling her free 45 minute break at The Planet to get a coffee, she didn’t notice dead ahead Marina and Jenny until she sat on the bar “An espresso, triple shot it darling” she said to the bar boy as she wiped her hands on her face. “It’s been a tiring day” was what she mumbled to herself.

Finally realizing that that espresso came, she have a soft and tired smile at the boy “Thanks.” carefully blowing the heat away from the drink, she took it on her lips and sipped, feeling the ooze of coffee greatness blending in her. Finally awake enough to actually be a customer, she looked around and saw Jenny—- with Marina no doubt. 

Funny, she thought, she hadn’t seen Jenny for so long and here she was spending time with Marina at the Planet, seemingly happy. With an internal shrug she decided not to think about it, she was tired so with a breather Amanda stood up and walked over to them “Marina,” she greeted with a nod then looked at the younger girl “Hello Jenny,” she  her eyes crinkling a bit, the only sign she was happy to see her. “How are you? I haven’t seen you lately or heard from you and here you are the planet, such a coincidence.” she smiled sipping on her espresso. Her tone held no snark, no anger, nothing, it was like talking about the weather. “And you too Marina, the espresso tastes new, have you been using a new coffee brand?”

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The morning after (Pt.3) // Amanda | Jenny | Coraline | Stephanie





As she slowly became aware of Amanda speaking to her, Jenny blinked a few times and then smiled up at her. It was nice to wake up to such a kind face, kind and beautiful. She sat up just in time for Amanda to kiss her and she smiled even more, then kissed Amanda again. When she said she had a surprise, Jenny felt herself practically blushing at the suggestiveness of her tone. She hadn’t felt that since Marina. She bit her lip playfully and put her hand on Amanda’s arm, tracing it slowly until she got up to check on the other two. “I can’t wait,” she said in the same teasing tone, stretching her arms above her head because she knew the sight would be a good one. “And I’d like to wear your shorts.” She found it hot, even exciting to wear her new girlfriend’s clothes. “I’ll be down in a minute.” 

After Amanda left, Jenny stole a muffin from the tray, pulling back to the middle of the bed. She tore it in half and took a slow bite, practically closing her eyes because of how good it tasted. Jenny hadn’t been aware she was really hungry until she tasted the delicious sweetness. Finally she got up and dug through one of Amanda’s drawers until she found a pair of shorts. She tied the strings tightly, very aware of how thin she was. Biting her lip, she glanced at herself in the mirror, even running the brush through her mussed hair so she would at least be preventable. 

When she left the room she heard rustling in the bedroom across the hall. She stared at it for a moment, then turned and went down the stairs. There were sounds in the kitchen too. Jenny stood in the doorway and watched Amanda for a moment, then came up behind her and stood up on her tiptoes to kiss the neck. She moved around her after that, putting herself between Amanda and the table so she prevented her from setting the table. “Do I get my surprise?” She asked curiously, kissing Amanda softly and almost chastely as her arms tightened around her waist.

When Stephanie didn’t balk at the idea of her moving in, Coraline’s eyes widened in surprise and then glee. She wrapped her arms around Stephanie’s next, squeezing tightly, and nodding to everything she said. She wanted to stay with her, especially because it would mean that they would spend more time together. The house could be where she stayed during her breaks from work and ballet. She was no longer taking classes, and felt relieved that at least part of her stress went away because of it. It also meant she could focus completely on her dancing. 

She only pulled away when Amanda came in, startled by the sound of the door. Coraline couldn’t help but smile after that, even though she felt ashamed for messing up Amanda’s bed and sitting so long in the shower. “I’m sorry,” she said quietly, humbled, and wished she could explain how she lost track of time. 

Coraline nodded when Amanda offered the clothes and told her to bring them back, quickly reaching up to push her wet hair behind her ears. “Yes… yes, of course… I will.” After all she had done, the last thing she wanted to do was steal Amanda’s clothes. She had been nice enough to let her stay, and Coraline had repayed her by costing her who knows how much more in utilities. “And I’ll pay you back… for your water…” she stammered, wringing her hands a little. 

At Amanda’s question, Coraline lowered her eyes and didn’t answer at first. She wasn’t fine, but didn’t want to talk about the incident further and only nodded her head slowly. She reached out for Stephanie’s hand at the same time, squeezing it tightly, and then nodded again at Amanda’s request to bring the sheets down. 

After their host was gone, Coraline slowly slumped against Stephanie’s side. “I feel bad,” she whispered, guilty, and then sighed and stood up so she could change into the clothes Amanda left. Even though Coraline had started to feel better about everything that happened, she found herself without an appetite. 

When she was done changing, Coraline went into the bathroom and gathered up Stephanie’s clothes that were in a pile on the floor. She brought them back and sat next to her on the bed, reaching up to push back a piece of her girlfriend’s hair. She gave her a soft, loving smile, then turned her shirt right-side out. “Lift your arms,” she said quietly, intending to dress Stephanie herself.

Amanda walked in and Stephanie immediately smiled, covering up the fact that the pair have soaked her sheets and run down the water bill, but surely Amanda wouldn’t be able to be annoyed at Stephanie at the way she smiled sweetly. She rubbed her stomach and moaned at the idea of more food, in a good way. “I’m so glad I won’t miss out on this feast! Don’t worry Amanda, I’ll clear it all up in here I promise!” She giggled and looked at Coraline who looked like a child who had just been told off. “I’ll never turn down food, you know I’ll be there in a flash!” Stephanie replied to Amanda.

She watched as her friend walked over to Coraline, It was nice to see that Amanda was concerned about her too and she knew Amanda did her best to look after Coraline that night. She turned herself around to look at the pair and smiled before grabbing onto Coraline’s hand also and held onto it tightly. “We’ll be OK. At least, I’ll make sure Coraline is okay.” Stephanie replied and kissed Coraline’s hand gently. “Thank you for everything Amanda. I appreciate all you’ve done. We’ll be down shortly.” She hugged and Amanda and watched her leave the bedroom.

Stephanie wrapped an arm around Coraline and used her other hand to lift up Coraline’s head under her chin. “Don’t feel bad.” She kissed her cheek sweetly. “Amanda cares about you, she wouldn’t have taken you in if she didn’t want you here.” Stephanie said to her before she watched Coraline get up and change quickly. Coraline came back from the bathroom with Stephanie’s clothes and proceeded to dress her, which was pretty cute. “You’re adorable.” Stephanie said to her girlfriend as she lifted her arms to let her dress her. As she slipped her arms through her shirt, Stephanie moved herself in to give Coraline another embrace. “We’ll get your things after this, you can come back to mine and we can just lay in bed together all day. Sound good?”

"Come on let’s go down and show our faces." Stephanie grabbed Coraline by the hand and walked out of the bedroom, then down the stairs to Amanda’s kitchen and found Jenny there with Amanda. "Hey Jenny!" She smiled. "Nice to see you here." Stephanie said as she walked over to the table still holding Coraline’s hand. The smell of the food was making Stephanie’s mouth water, Lara was sure a damn good cook in Stephanie’s eyes. "This looks so tasty! I can’t wait!!" She said excitedly and sat herself down at the table and gestured for Coraline to come sit next to her. 

She and Jenny had some of their own little time on the bed before she really had to go and get the other two. With a shake of her head and a wink she gave another swift kiss on Jenny and left. For a second, when she opened the door she realized something, then she took a breather and continued. “One minute!” she called out.

After talking to the other two youngsters in the other bedroom Amanda made sure Coraline knew her point. “Darling, don’t worry about the bedsheets, or the water, or the clothes. I’m glad that you’re safe.” she smiled patting the girl’s shoulder. “And pretty much up from the water, so we can go eat now. I’ve got lots’ of tummies to feed!” and as she stood up she took a look at the redhead again, one of the first she met in LA. It felt wonderful to be a part of her world, with Stephanie. It felt unnerving too, that the graceful ballerina, seemed… broken, in ways in reality, but she’d be there. “As long as you eat, and take the bedsheets down and of course return my clothes… don’t worry about the water I have a pool, water isn’t much of a … big thing.” she winked and stood up from the bed.

Walking over to Stephanie she gave the younger girl a hug. “You take care of her now, you’re stronger than you think you are alright? I’ll be here for you, Daniel will be too. We’re your family as well.” with a final pat on the head for Stephanie, she walked out of the door. “Five minutes!” she called out same like with Jenny. “Or Stephanie doesn’t get any desserts!” with a twinkle of a laugh she walked down the stairs and found no sign of Jenny.

Shaking her head with a small smile, she took out the food from the fridge and began, preheating, microwaving and fixing the plates as a set before they ate. When she suddenly felt arms over her, she knew who it was. “Jenny” she whispered, it was so normal for them to do this, but she shot the route with her gun in mind and turned to something more humorous, for some reason she couldn’t handle this. “Darling.. your bones are showing come eat.” she smiled teasingly kissing the girl back. 

When she wasn’t allowed a way around the girl and she could feel the glint in the girls eyes, her mind wandered and a spark of devilish adrenaline shot up at her. It was like back in the military, back when they were chugging all their equipment, feeling a rush, feeling the high, not of drugs but of experience. Amanda was needing that. She missed the high that activities gave her - and this girl, was reminding her of that, granted it’s a different thing but it was the same. 

With a shake of her head, half mock exasperation, she teased the girl into thinking she wasn’t interested, but when she got the change in expression she needed from the younger girl, she used her training to twirl around set the plates down and swiftly place both her arms under the girl and set her on the counter, careful for her head. Without a word, she set both of her hands on the girl’s small back, roving around the soft skin, while her lips, with easier access to the girl’s height because of the counter, started to swiftly kiss on the soft skin of her neck, nipping at the places she knew from med to where the pulse points were. She took that knowledge to bring a passion on the girl, and with a little bit of a quick speed knowing that the other’s would be there soon, she placed her arms under the girl’s legs and pulled them forward, now her center was in the girl’s center, granted clothes were around them.

With a sparkle in her eyes she bent down, and whispered along the girl’s collarbone “My clothes look good on you… darling.” she whispered, more seductively than she was used to and with infinite slowness, still holding the girl’s legs. She kissed the girl’s chest, bending her own body to be able to keep kissing the girl down, from the neck, to the middle of her chest, towards the stomach, she kissed and looking at the girl’s face she smirked and suddenly pulled her around and down. 

"That’s part of your surprise, now be a good girl while we eat." this time she was already fixing up the plates again "if you do well, we’ll see what I can do." Exactly as she placed the last of the tableware set, Stephanie, the bundle of joy came down. Before Amanda could even go food’s ready, Stephanie was already sitting down ready to eat, Coraline in tow. She smiled at all the girl’s in the room and sat down on the head chair, Jenny on her left and Stephanie on her right. 

"For out first entree of the morning, some pre-heated french onion soup with a twist of ceasar on the side." she said as if really the host agai and then went back into her casual talk - "I’m glad you both went down now and I hope you both feel better from yesterday" and as she was saying that and daintily eating her soup, she made sure her leg was near Jenny’s almost touching but not quite.

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A Trip Up _ Amanda || Helena



At Amanda’s protestations, Helena only gave her a little smile and didn’t respond. There was no way she would let Amanda pay her back. Not that Amanda didn’t do well for herself on her own, but Helena enjoyed doing things for people she cared about. It was just difficult, sometimes, for her to understand that money couldn’t always buy the sort of friendship she longed for. However, Amanda was different… and she always had been. 

"It is a little different," Helena said, wrinkling her nose. She was unable to hide the slight scorn in her tone. Not that she didn’t like America or Americans (her best friends were American, after all), but she sometimes felt a slight, condescending distaste for the culture. "First? Well…" Helena trailed, her eyes catching bright twirls of cotton candy that she full well knew she would very much enjoy. Ever since Amanda had discovered the excitement of putting it in her hair, Helena thought she would never want to try it again. "I do hope you keep that to yourself this time," she said to Amanda in a mock-stern voice. She started to pick off a small piece of the candy with just the tip of her nails, delicately since she didn’t want to get sticky. 

Amanda mentioned something about brownies and Helena’s interest was immediately peaked. If anything, she adored brownies and they were her favorite sweet. She doubted that these would even compare to what she was used to in England, but why not give it a go? 

"Yes, I’ll have two as well." Helena smiled, telling herself she was getting two to make Amanda feel better about grabbing more than one. In all honesty, she wanted a second just as much as her friend did. 

When she took a bite of the brownie, Helena’s eyes grew large. When she was able to speak she looked at Amanda with surprise. “These are divine!” It wasn’t long before she finished her first one and was moving on to the second, completely forgetting about rides at all. It wasn’t until she was nearly done with the second brownie that she realized her head was swimming in an… odd way. Colors were more brilliant, the clowns wandering around the park far more hysterical than they should be. 

Helena laughed and reached for Amanda’s arm, pointing at a clown on stilts and laughing so hard it seemed like she’d choke. She watched the clown teeter over toward a funhouse and quickly tugged on Amanda’s sleeve. “There! Let’s go.”

"First? Well…" Helena trailed, her eyes catching bright twirls of cotton candy that she full well knew she would very much enjoy. Ever since Amanda had discovered the excitement of putting it in her hair, Helena thought she would never want to try it again. "I do hope you keep that to yourself this time," she said to Amanda in a mock-stern voice. She started to pick off a small piece of the candy with just the tip of her nails, delicately since she didn’t want to get sticky.

Amanda had been watching Helena when she started to speak and she smiled, her eyes getting narrower and her smile getting bigger until she couldn’t just smile but really laugh, not the kind that laughs out loud, but enough to warrant a few eyes. “Darling, your British is showing!” she said in between her laughs and in a teasing manner. Now that she said it she suddenly remembered, she left when she was 15, that was why everything seemed normal to her but then when did Helena leave Europe anyway? “You and Auntie Peggy were always the posh ones - sometimes I remember she would shoo me away for my muddy boots and short blonde haircut.” she shook her head and laughed again, this was a nice feeling, familiar in oh so many ways. “That makes me think though, when did you leave Britain, how many years have you been in the US?” it made her blush a bit out of embarassment that she never asked about that simple question to her friend.

Amanda just chuckled as she gave the cotton candy, she was giddy and happy and didn’t want the moment to end - being with Helena was too much fun again, like they were kids. It meant a lot to her. “Oh come on, I know you loved cotton candy so much even your hair loved it.” she kidded her smile still bright. Eating the cotton candy in a more…. free way, Amanda made sure at least it didn’t get into her hair as well, as it was long already. “Holy Hannah!” she exclaimed but not that loud “I totally forgot how British you are. It was so long ago!” she shook her head her smile getting smaller when she bit the candy and the brownies, growing silent for a moment. Amanda thought about it…. Helena was the creation of two very wealthy families - it was just in some kind of situation that her mother was Peggy’s old friend - but her father was purely a serious American soldier - they weren’t “as” rich as the Peabody’s were. They had more than enough yes- but her thoughts came back - that even though she had such a fun time with Helena when they were kids - how did the posh British woman right now ever think to be friends with someone like her up to now? They were always so different, puberty showed that.

The brownies came and she snapped back into normal, a little less happy but still smiling - she gave a thanks to the attendant and took another after Helena took hers - and liked it - “You always loved brownies - mother made some of them and I would remember me bringing some to you and would have a picnic in your gigantic backyard!” Amanda laughed, remembering the better days and pushing thoughts of insecurities behind.

That’s when it hit her - she didn’t know what but it did - it made her head ache a little bit - never in her life has she felt something like it - but in that moment, the headache became fuzzy, more… different and as she blinked and look around - everything seemed to be… happy - floating. The military in her wanted to kick in - she wasn’t supposed to lose senses like this - but for some reason, the attendant seemed to be looking at her and she couldn’t resist the girl’s words “Did you like them? They’re free the whole night!” Amanda smiled “is that so?” she said her words floating like her head - and before Helena could laugh aloud and grab her - Amanda took three more- thinking it was just one - and let herself be led into the fun house.

Once they got inside, she was met with a plethora of lights and her senses were assaulted on so many levels it was … divine. Her hand still holding Helena’s they were greeted by five curtains that had a giant number on them - that they had to choose which one to go to. She let Helena pick the number and they both stumbled into the hallways and into the room filled with lights, like there were numerous and millions of little dancing fireflies, like they were real and 3d. It made her head a little bit more fuzzy. “Helena! Look!” she cried when from the dancing yellow lights that were swirling around introduced a bigger one, the size of a golf ball - a blue light and Amanda went on to try and touch it - but failed- her vision was getting a bit blurry - but for her it made all the sense in the world - looking around - she tried to see where Helena was in the haze of lights.

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A Trip Up _ Amanda || Helena



Like Amanda, Helena hadn’t been in the carnival in ages. Back then, she used to like the tunnel of love. Experimentation was her forte in middle and high school, and she was never afraid to show it. Those were all little frolicks in the sack that she hardly took seriously now. She had made better memories with Amanda. The phone call from her friend had been so welcomed. It also made Helena feel guilty for not ringing her up sooner, but things had been a little busy with Kit and business at their club had been booming. Dawn Denbo had also made regular appearances and frequently caused trouble, but it hardly troubled Helena. It was all too fun to throw her out.

She pulled up to Amanda’s curb, then returned her friend’s hug when she got into the car. “Darling!” Pulling back, she gave her friend an apologetic look. “I know, I’m sorry! Business has been bloody awful. In a good way, that is.” She patted Amanda’s hand, then started the car so they could be on their way. “Of course I’ll stay! I have yet to see your new place, you know. You’ll have to give me the official tour.” 

The carnival lights were bright, especially now that the sky was darkening. Helena found a place to park, then took her purse and got out, waiting for Amanda before they both headed to the ticket booth. She bought both of their tickets without asking Amanda’s permission, then handed the second over to her friend with a smile. “I’m also buying tonight. No arguing.” It was the least she could do after missing the party. From what she’d heard, it had been a big affair.

"Of course I will!" she said with a big smile, seriously happy that they were together again, it’s been a long time. "And later on after the carnival, you can finally see the house, it’s a bit like Jon- I mean, yes, our house in Minnesota." she smiled. By that time they already got to the carnival and as Amanda looked around the lights that were sparkling from the floor to the top above of the rides her hand was already rummaging about her purse, but just as she got her money, she was already assaulted by a piece of paper. "Oh Helena you shouldn’t have. But thank you - although this seriously doesn’t let you off the hook." holding Helena’s hand she went and dragged her childhood friend inside.

"Well, I don’t remember much of what we did ride before- American carnivals are a little bit different from back at hoe isn’t it? I remember we had a circus theme then… hmm, where would you like to go first?" she was a bit shy once they got inside, the rides were daunting, well that was a stupid assumption since she’d already been in war planes and held real guns in real wars, but then again, she hadn’t really been able to just do daring for fun. It was always for something important or urgent. 

"Wait here." she told her friend and in a rush, Amanda went towards the cotton candy man buying two of his biggest fluffs. Looking back at Helena she hurried in buying before her friend could come, she remembered before during their really childhood years, they were probably not even 8 years old then. Amanda being the boyish girl she was had lots of fun eating a part of cotton candy then letting it stick to Helena’s long and wavy hair, since Helena would never do it to her, her hair was blonde and short back then so it was easier to fix. Amanda smiled at the memory. Just as she got her change from the cotton candy man, a lady in red and white stripes and a twinkle in her eyes that reminded her of someone had a tray of brownies, fudgey brownies that looked delicious.

Amanda, poor, innocent her smiled with thanks and taking one and biting into it, her smile suddenly widened “this is delicious darling, come and give some to my friend over there.” she said now holding two large cotton candies with one hand while eating her second brownie. “Helena darling, this carnival is giving out free brownies, come and get one.” she said then gave the cotton candy with a big smile. “I remembered how much you looooooove cotton candies, not so much with your hair but yes.” she shrugged with a teasing tone at her friend and grabbed another brownie. “I promise” she said towards the attendant “this is the last one, it’s just so very good.” she laughed eating her cotton candy as well.

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The morning after (Pt.3) // Amanda | Jenny | Coraline | Stephanie



There were no words to express the relief that washed through Coraline when Stephanie kissed her back. She practically melted against her girlfriend and felt fresh tears press against her eyelids. When Stephanie embraced her, she clung to her tightly and breathed in the scent of her girlfriend’s hair. Even though they were both wet, there was still that undeniable familiarness. 

Obediently, Coraline nodded quickly when Stephanie told her to forget Frankie, all too happy to put out of her mind the confusing events of that night. She wished that Shane had stayed and had been the one to put her to bed, since she knew Shane wouldn’t have tried anything. Frankie had seemed so much like Shane that Coraline knew once or twice, before the bedroom incident, she had also mistaken Frankie for Stephanie’s roommate. She didn’t elaborate on that though, choosing to swallow hard and try to ignore the lump in her throat. 

"I love you, too," Coraline said immediately, and put one hand on Stephanie’s cheek. She brushed the tears away with her thumb, biting her lip at the mention of Molly. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust Stephanie, but it was hard to trust another girl who seemed to hurl herself at others’ girlfriends. Still, she knew that Stephanie would never do anything to deliberately hurt her… and that situation had been completely out of her control. 

It was lucky that Amanda had allowed her to stay here, that someone had walked in at the right time, but the thoughts made Coraline’s mind drift back on the subject of Frankie and she pushed it all away again. Coraline instead curled up to Stephanie and smiled weakly at her words. “I missed this, too. And nothing will happen to us, I know it…” She trailed, blinking a few times, and then inhaled slowly and shifted closer to Stephanie. “Can I stay with you? Not… not move in. Just… just for a little while? Please?” 

Stephanie held onto her girlfriend tighter, as if it was their last time they could see each other. There had been so much running through her mind recently and all she wanted was to just be with her girlfriend and forget about everything, and this is what was happening right now. She didn’t care that her wet hair was going to be soaking through Amanda’s pillow cases, and she didn’t care that she was all red faced and exhausted looking in front of her girlfriend. She smiled sweetly as Coraline said she missed these moments together too. Stephanie moved a piece of wet hair out of Coraline’s way and planted a soft kiss on her lips, you could tell the atmosphere was calmer now between the two, she obviously hadn’t forgotten what happened with Frankie and Coraline, but she was willing to let it go.

Her eyes grew wider and a smile grew bigger on her face, she’d always wanted Coraline to stay with her for a longer period of time rather than just spending evenings together at the moment. “Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes!” Stephanie said over and over again in between kissing Coraline on the cheek. “You can stay whenever you like, for as long as you like. Jenny and Shane won’t mind, in fact Jenny is here so I can ask her if she minds. I’m sure she won’t!” Stephanie interlocked her fingers with Coraline’s and kissed her on the back of her hand. “We can go pick up your stuff today? Bring some of your clothes to my studio, and whatever else you want to bring.” She was probably sounding really over keen about having Coraline stay, but it was what she’s wanted for a long time because she’d always wondered about Coraline moving in, but it may seem too soon because of what they’ve been through.

She heard a knock on the bedroom door and Stephanie immediately jumped out of the bed to wrap the towel around herself. “Come in?” She said staring at the door.

Amanda and Jenny were together in the embrace for a long time, the food lay on the side of the bed forgotten. Amanda might have dozed off a bit in that embrace, it must have been the tiredness of the party creeping up on her, but besides that she had been talking with Jenny with small, non-inconsequential things. It was nice to have someone hugged really.

She finally woke up feeling better and alert and then Jenny was the one asleep in her arms, she must have dozed off a bit longer than she knew, looking at the table clock, it was almost noon time and she couldn’t hear anyone on the other side, but she knew the other two youngsters where still there. Looking at Jenny again, she gave her a nudge, then a soft kiss. “Wake up darling, you haven’t eaten since yesterday at dinnertime, come on, I’ll heat the food, you have to keep up your strength.” she said while still waking the girl “I promise you’ll get a surprise when you follow.” she said with a saucy tone. 

When Jenny seemed to be waking up, Amanda gave the girl another quick kiss, “I’ll visit the other room alright? You can get a better surprise when you’re already downstairs once I finish with the other two. Also you can wear that, or get some shorts from the drawers, up to you, I like it either way.” she laughed lightly and walked out the door, knocking on it “Stephanie? Coraline?” she said in a worried tone then in a laugh “You both making a pool yet?” she said amused at herself. 

Then the door opened to reveal a very bath towel wrapped up Stephanie. “Hello darling” she said with a sweet smile then her eyes drifted to the bed where big dark spots where from the wetness of the other’s hair. “I’m heating up lunch from yesterday, which means you” she said pointedly at Stephanie “can get to eat Lara’s yummy creation.” then she swung her head to Coraline “and you darling, well… apart from finishing my water supply that could have cost me a week” she said with a teasing smile at the redhead “you come down and have lunch as well, the clothes are by the bed, if you both have noticed, just make sure you bring them back, alright?” the air of command in her tone during the clothes sentence was jovial, but there was a strict undertone, those shirts she had the girls borrow meant the world to her, and she would certainly get really distraught if something happened. “Come down in a while alright? I won’t ask again!” she smiled one more time then left, but before leaving she looked again at Coraline and walked towards the bed sitting down beside the redhead girl and pushing the hair away from her face and tucking it in her ear.

"Are you sure you’re alright darling? I do hope you are, after everything, I’m sorry it turned out that way, and I hope you could visit again here without those memories." she said slowly, smiling then standing up again and looked at both. "Once you are both settled, bring the bed covers down, I’ll have to dry them, alright? Thank you!" Then Amanda sauntered down stairs, hoping Jenny was as well - she had to heat the meal and set the tables as well.

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A Trip Up _ Amanda || Helena

Amanda was waiting on the front porch of her house and looked at her watch, it was ten minutes to 3pm and she was a bit worried where Helena was. A few days ago she received a flyer on the windshield wiper at her car and the flyer said that there was a new Carnival coming up. She hurriedly called up Helena before she left the school and told her that if her old friend was free on the weekend, maybe they could go to the carnival that came.

Basically it had been probably been a almost 20 years since Amanda was able to enjoy the Carnival, and looking back, her last time in a Carnival was with Helena when they were starting High School together in Britain, they were probably 13 or so then, it had been such a long time.

Looking at her watch again she decided to call her friend [Helena darling, are you here? I’m so sorry but I’m just so excited I can’t wait anymore! It’s been sooooo very long!] she squealed like a little girl - probably she would have gone with Jenny, but then again, the Carnival was something that she shared with Helena and she wanted to start her non military life with Helena again in a place they had enjoyed when they were young. 

When Helena came by, Amanda hurriedly went into her friends car and sat in the passengers seat. She gave the other brunette a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. “I’m still pretty buggered that you didn’t come to my house warming” Amanda said with a small and friendly pout. “But no matter, that’s why I said you’re the one driving, once we get home, you are staying here for the night!” she smiled, looking at Helena with glee and innately hoping that the hell she won’t say no.

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